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The site is not affiliated with Netscape Inc. We are simply an authorized distributor of the Netscape browser. The same versions of Netscape can be obtained from their site. We simply attempt to make it easier, and provide additional information and utilities.

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Netscape 4
Now! is the quickest and easiest place to find the latest versions of the Netscape browser. 
  • No Time Bombs
  • No Nag Screens
  • No Registration Required
This is the FULL version of the world famous Internet browser. We are also able to offer you a FREE copy of Netscape Communicator. This includes:
  • The World Famous Browser
  • Full Featured email Program
  • Internet News Reader
  • VISUAL Easy to Use Web Page Editor
Even if you already have Netscape it's worth downgrading to this version.

The Browser War is Long Over and We the Consumers are the Losers
The browser war was a very important one since it means the control of future world wide commerce. If you control the access to the Internet you control commerce and access to information. The older version of the browses just gives you access to the Internet, without trying to control you (too much). The newer breed of browsers try more and more to control your behavior online. Help keep people out of the clutches of the big companies by including a link to on your web page take a look at our link options page. click here

If you're set on using some other browser try out one of these sites:

Security Certificate Authority Has Expired!
Some versions of Communicator on certain platforms and operating systems (such as Macintosh or Windows) may experience uncertain behavior when trying to connect securely to websites. Read more

What About 4.72 or Netscape 6?

We're holding off on any version above 4.08. We don't feel these version have any added value. In fact there are enough negitaves that we strongly suggest using the older version. Please don't write and ask us what these reason are because we have formally been asked not to discuss these reasons.

What About Older Versions?
Take your pick. Archive

Before You Download Netscape
The free version of Netscape 4.08 does not come with a music plug in. You'll probably want to get the Crescendo music plug-in from Live Update first, and install it after you install Netscape. 

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